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What paper options are available for cards?

Our Cards are available in Premium Cardstock.

Our premium card stock is a 120 lb paper featuring a lush tactile eggshell finish in an ultrawhite shade. This very rigid paper is perfect for housing your inspired designs. 18 pt. thickness, acid free archival quality.

What's the recommended resolution for photos I'm using on my Cards?

If you plan on using a single image to cover your whole card (including the wrap zone) the recommended resolution for each orientation is listed below:

5x7 Folded Landscape: 2153 pixels wide by 1538 pixels tall 5x7 Folded Portrait: 1538 pixels wide by 2153 pixels tall

5x7 Flat Landscape: 2175 pixels wide by 1554 pixels tall 5x7 Flat Portrait : 1554 pixels wide by 2175 pixels tall

Will my cards come with envelopes?

Yes. We include plain white envelopes for each card you order.

Can I send an e-card from your site? (How do I email a card?)

What???? Oh - sorry! ... I was told to say no, but as far as I know you can not only send a card by email, you can send a text invitation to view cards as well. Maybe the answer was copied and pasted from some other site (GOD I hope not!) - or maybe the owners of the site have changed their minds - I'm not really sure ... so No. Or yes. I'm not sure ...

... it's confusing. I was supposed to answer some questions about Flash further down the page, but I don't use Flash. No flash on this website. Uh uh. And then there's that question about Netscape. What?? Netscape??? Netscape was discontinued 6 years ago and has not been supported since then. If you're using Netscape, get a life, brother. Wake UP! It's 2014. No Netscape here. Uh uh ... see what I mean? Confusing ...

What paper do you print the cards on? Do they have a matte or glossy finish?

Your cards are printed on a heavy card stock that's coated on the outside and matte on the inside.
We're sure you'll be very pleased with the printed cards. They look and feel just like store-bought cards.

What size are the greeting cards?

There are three choices for folded greeting cards:

• Small (4.25"x5.5")
• Medium (5.18"x6.7")
• Huge (8.5"x11")

White envelopes are included.

What do greeting cards cost and how long does it take?

You can get an instant print quote for the exact number of greeting cards you need. We do not require you to buy cards in pre-determined sets. Prices breaks begin at 11 cards (of the same size).

Once you submit an order, cards are shipped the next business day. Shipping costs vary because the shipping cost is calculated based on the exact number of cards ordered and the method of shipment (we offer USPS, UPS, FedEx). Shipping costs are shown during the order process. You will be able to view all costs before finalizing your order.

Are envelopes included?

What?? You already asked me that...

Can I get a free sample?

Are you kidding?? FREE??? oh! ... sorry ... (ahem) ...

We have found that the best way to get a true representation of our site and to sample the print quality is to design and order a single card using your choice of image. A single card order is a nominal $2.00.

We also highly recommend you order a single $2.00 card if you are concerned about the quality of your image, or if you are sending a large order and would like to view a printed proof first.

Will colors match my screen/printer?

It is important to realize that all monitors display color differently. (It's the same principle as going to your local Best Buy/Circuit City/Fry's and viewing the same show on different tv screens - the color will not be exactly the same on any of the screens.) Thus, you should not expect the image to print as it looks on screen, but rather as it is defined by the color values.

If you are concerned about image quality or color, we highly recommend ordering a single $2.00 card first as a means of proofing before placing your order. We do not correct or adjust your image in any way. Our digital press is calibrated to produce the color values defined in your file - you should not expect it to match your personal printer.

Can I print on the back of the card?

Yes you can. You may add an image and text to a pre-defined area on the top portion of the card. There is a small section on the bottom that is reserved for our logo and a barcode used for internal tracking.

How are the cards printed?

Your cards are printed on an 4-color HP Indigo digital offset press on a heavy card stock that's coated on the outside and matte on the inside.

Digital offset printing offers the quality of traditional printing without the wait. Your files go directly to press, bypassing the traditional time-consuming steps of film separations, film stripping and plate burning. We're sure you'll be very pleased with the resulting cards. They look and feel just like store-bought cards.

Why can't I edit text and/or images?

To edit text, highlight/select the text first. You can then choose a font, font size and color. The text tools allow you to use different fonts, sizes and colors as desired. Images can be edited by clicking on the image and entering the desired resizing percentage in the resize box, or clicking one of the buttons in the image tools to center image, fit image to page, etc.

Can I upload more than one image?

You can upload one image for each side of the folded greeting card. While you cannot upload two or more images for any one side, you could layout any number of images in your preferred photo editing software and save as a single .jpg file. (To fill the card front in the proper ratio, make sure your page size follows our photo guidelines for the card size you desire.

Can I include an image on the inside of the card?

Yes. You can include a single image on every side of the card. Once you are in the design center, simply select the "add an image" button from the image tools on the left side of the screen.

Why can't I rotate my image or text?

When you start the design process and upload an image for the card front, the system recognizes whether your image is portrait or landscape. When you upload the image, the design center orientation will match the orientation of the image. The system cannot rotate images or text, so you need to upload a portrait image to design a vertical card or a landscape image to design a horizontal card.

If you decide to replace your image with another image that is a different orientation, the orientation of the card itself will not change. For example, if you start out with a horizontal image, the card will be horizontal. If you then click the "replace image" button and choose a vertical image, the card itself will still be horizontal and you'll see your vertical image scaled down to fit on the horizontal card. To change the orientation of the card itself, you must start over.

My entire message doesn't show on my proof. What did I do wrong?

It sounds like you might not have noticed that you exceeded the size of the printable message area. You should reject your proof and go back and reduce the size of the text.

Can I change parts of the text to a different color or font?

Yes. You can select/highlight any portion of text and change its properties as desired.

Can I add a border to the inside of the card?

Border options are currently only available for the front of the card. One suggestion if you want a border on an inside image is to create a border around your image in your preferred photo editing application and upload a .jpg for the inside that already includes a border.

Can I use an image/cartoon from your site for my ?

The photographs on our site are copyrighted and are for use in our online design center only.
You may NOT download, copy or reproduce any image for any purpose.
The cartoons and caricatures in our libraries were created by Poul Carlsen of Drawshop and are copyrighted by him. For usage/rights info, visit www.drawshop.com. Poul also offers custom drawing services if you'd like to order a personalized image.

Can I make a change to my order after I submit it?

In order to ensure the fastest possible turnaround, your cards are routed to the press as soon as you submit your order. Because your order is processed immediately, we cannot honor requests for changes or cancellations.

Please make sure you proof your card carefully during the proof stage. The proof you are shown on the proof page will show you exactly how the card will print. If text or images are not displayed as you intended, you should click the 'modify design' button to go back to the design center and make appropriate changes BEFORE submitting your order.

Can I have my return address printed on the envelopes?

This feature is not currently available.

Can I provide a mailing list and have you mail my cards?

We do not currently offer mailing services.

Can I use Netscape/Firefox/etc. to design my card?

Yes. Our design center should support all current, popular browsers, including Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Camino, Netscape, Mozilla, and Opera. We welcome comments if you experience any difficulties with our greeting card design center - simply email us with the specifics of your OS, browser version, and a detailed explanation of the problem.

Can I send the actual photo by mail? I don't have a scanner.

Our system is an online design center that is set up to allow you to upload a digital file (a scanned photo, digital camera file, etc.). We don't offer scanning services.

Do you ship outside the United States?

Currently, we can only ship within the United States.

How can I contact you?

If you have questions, comments about the site, or problems designing cards please email us and we'll respond promptly.

Can everyone create & sell cards?

No. We review artists that apply for shops and only approve those that will create great content and be active members of the community.

What are the details of the royalty payment system?

Artists get 5% of the price of a card, with a 10¢ minimum per card. We view artists as our partners, both in creating great content and in helping to distribute it to their fans. At the moment we make royalty payments once every quarter, after $10 is accumulated.

Are greeting cards bad for the environment? What are you doing to be eco-friendly?

As with everything we do in life, its more about HOW we do things then what we do. Our entire company is centered on the idea of treating the planet and the people in it responsibly and ethically. In order to minimize the impact of our operations we only print on recycled paper.

Does the artist's name get printed on the back of the cards?

Yes, the back of our cards feature the artist's logo along with their bio, location and a link to their AllAboutGreetings shop. We've found a number of our artists have made new connections and built their fans after someone received one of their cards.

What do you do with copyright material posted on your site illegally?

We take it down as soon as we are notified. In our Terms of Service there are instructions for contacting us if you think your material has been illegally posted. We take copyright violations extremely seriously.

Do artists' see how many cards have been sent?

Yes, we have an artist dashboard with easy to understand statistics on the performance of the artists' shop. Our artists use the data to make informed decisions and improve their performance.

Is it easy to remove a card from a shop?

Yes, artists have a simple card management interface that allows them to remove cards from the site or edit its details. We keep a copy of the card that was sold for our records (so customers can always see the cards they've sent) but once the card is deactivated it is immediately unavailable for purchase. Artists can also deactivate their accounts at any time.

What are your licensing terms? Am I able to sell my designs to Hallmark or American Greetings?

Our licensing terms are simple. The artist keeps the copyright, earns a royalty on each card sold and is free to remove content or their entire shop at any point with no preconditions. We've reviewed Hallmark and AG licensing agreements and there are no conflicts. AG and Hallmark generally ask for exclusive rights which are granted by removing the card from our site. Many of the artists on our site have ongoing relationships with AG, Hallmark amongst many others.

We love this idea, how did you come up with it?

We have been interested in bridging the gap between the digital world and the physical world for a long time. We were working on a marketplace for services from actors, singers and artists (for instance you could purchase a singing telegram sent over the phone). As we spoke with our artists we realized they had a problem selling their greeting cards and that no one was solving their problem well. We thought we could do for greeting cards what NetFlix did for videos, bring the distribution online in a simple and easy to use way.

When do you make royalty payments to artists?

We make payments at the end of every business quarter (March, June, September, December) to any artist with a balance greater than $25. We send physical checks to the artist's registered address.