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How It Works

1. User Page

Save the greeting cards you’ve made for your own personal use on your User Page. These cards are not to be seen or sold to the public. All of your greeting card necessities are available on this page, including saved cards you’ve purchased, as well as reminders you’ve set for those important dates you don’t want to forget!

2. Artist Page

An Artist Page enables you to operate your own personal greeting card store. Simply submit your card designs to be presented for sale on our site, and just like that, you are a greeting card designer!

3. Create

Create your own greeting cards from scratch! Using the latest tools available, you can create one-of-a-kind greeting cards that you can’t find anywhere else.

4. Sell

Once you’ve created a card, you can sell your design right here! Not only is it fun to design your own greeting cards, but you can earn extra income by making them available for sale on our site.

5. Share

You can share the cards you’ve made on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Let your friends see the creative work you’ve done, and inspire them to purchase your unique greeting cards, rather than the standard commercially available cards.

6. Browse

When designing a card, use keywords to describe the card for easier customer discovery. With a wide variety of greeting card categories to choose from, customers can explore our card collection using a keyword search.

7. Mail

For hassle-free printing and shipping, we will mail your card for you!

8. Other Options

We offer other options for sharing cards as well, including the ability to print cards at home. You can also email or text your greeting cards.

9. Support

We hope that by using All About Greetings is not only profitable for you, but also tons of fun! Contact us with any questions, concerns or suggestions that you may have by using our suggestion box.